Type Size Name Notes
makefile 1kB Makefile
text 847B README
C source code 38kB lex.yy.c A lexical scanner generated by flex
C source code 4kB rafalpha.c Lists ptime and all variable field elements of a Candis file in ASCII scientific notation with n significant digits, seperated by spaces, one line per second of data.
C source code 13kB rafclouds.c Do corrections on various in-cloud thermodynamic parameters in particular:
  1. Despike the Ophir radiometer, remove the overshoot, and combine the scaled high pass part with the low pass part of the Rosemount temperature probe.
  2. Despike the UV hygrometer and combine the high pass part with the low pass part of the dewpointer mixing ratio.
  3. Delag the total water probe mixing ratio and combine the high pass part with the low pass part of the dewpointer mixing ratio.
C source code 13kB rafdap.c convert ncar DAP format aircraft data to candis format
9kB rafhdr.l Lex function to interpret RAF headers and create a common data format file. This is called by the main program rafread.
C source code 5kB rafhirate.c This routine provides a means of plotting high data rate (> 1 Hz) data translated from NCAR RAF tapes by rtape and rafread.
C source code 8kB rafread.c This program reads an RAF file and data file and produces a cdf file. First two arguments are the respective files. Last argument is name of variable to be used as time. The two files are assumed to have been read from tape onto disk using rtape, which heads each physical tape record with an 8 byte decimal ascii integer telling how many bytes there are in the record.
C source code 38B rafread.h
C source code 3kB raftheform.c compute fields needed for a thetae-p chart
C source code 6kB rafthetae.c Kerry Emanuel's equivalent potential temperature calc
C source code 15kB rafwinds.c This program computes winds from raw RAF data. We assume certain RAF variable names, and insert certain offsets and scale factors, as well as a delay between arinc and sync data. If gpsflag is set, GPS updating is used.
C source code 1kB revthetae.c Do the calculation of reversible theta-e given temp (K), pres (mb), mixrat (g/g), and liquid water mixrat (g/g). The last factor is generally not very important, and can be set to zero in most cases without much loss of accuracy.
0B system