Type Size Name Notes
makefile 2kB Makefile
Candis 1kB ca.dat
728B ca.dat.ascii
104kB city.nws
C source code 925B jtime.c convert from year-month-day to julian day (derived from NSSDC CDF Implementer's Guide, Version 1 by Michael L. Gough)
C source code 8kB llpzap.c this program converts lightning data into cdf format keeping time (converted to kiloseconds), latitude and longitude and the polarity of the bolt
4kB newupperairlist
Candis 402B nm.dat.a
C source code 10kB nwsgrid.c This program interpolates station data to a two-dimensional grid. Multi-level station data, such as produced by radiosondes, results in a three-dimensional grid. However, the grid at each level results only from data at that level. The interpolation is done by a weighted averaging technique inside a specified radius of influence ri. The weighting function is (ri*ri - r*r)/(ri*ri + r*r), where r is the distance between the data and grid point.
C source code 8kB nwspv.c Calculate the potential vorticity from the cdf gridded surface data
C source code 4kB nwssa1.c Main routine for surface weather data interpreter -- this routine calls nwssa2
12kB nwssa2.l This lex routine converts surface data to common data format.
C source code 5kB nwsts.c Do time and space rationalization for National Weather service synoptic weather (surface and upper air) gridded data. Compute a new time variable called "jday", which is the Julian day minus some reference day. Also compute augrid and avgrid which are gridded east and north velocity components in terms of degrees per day.
C source code 3kB nwsua1.c This program takes National Weather Service sounding data as received by the Zephyr satellite and processed by zin and select, and converts it to common data format.
C source code 20kB nwsua2.c
8kB nwsua2.l This lex subroutine converts National Weather Service upper air soundings from teletype format to common data format.
C source code 15kB nwsuafix.c takes nws data in a cdf format and performs certain calculations it finds the mixing ratio, the u and v wind velocities, the virtual temp and places them in steady increments of pressure the geopotenial height for a standard atmoshpere is found and the geopotenial height for the acutal is compared to the standard and placed with a field as with the stand. which is placed in the static field.
4kB nwsuaorder.l This program decodes sounding data from NCAR archives, as written by a Fortran program that reads these archives.
9kB sa.dat
C source code 6kB scdua.c
10kB select.l
10kB select.l.old
29B system
C source code 205B thermo.c teten's formula for water saturation vapor pressure
8kB ua.dat
Candis 56kB us.dat.a
C source code 4kB ztime.h