Candis 3.8


Type Size Name Notes
text 267B BUG_REPORTS where to send bug reports
text 18kB COPYING copyright
text 4kB INSTALL installation instructions
makefile 1kB Makefile
text 2kB READ_ME
directory - data/ sample Candis files in ascii format.
directory - doc/ Documentation (nroff/troff -ms format) for filters as well as low level library and cdf file structure.
directory - general/ Contains all general purpose cdf filters.
directory - hrd/ Contains programs for dealing with NOAA Hurricane Research Division aircraft data.
directory - include/ Include file cdfhdr.h, used in all cdf filters. Also contains copyright notice include and include files for netCDF.
directory - io/ Routines for reading and writing tape with preservation of physical record structure on tape. Also, a routine for reading from a serial port.
directory - mcidas/ Routines to handle PC-McIDAS satellite pictures.
directory - nws/ Routines to handle National Weather Service data received over the Zephyr satellite link and LLP lightning data.
directory - pgraf/ Portable graphics system.
directory - pimage/ Portable image system (experimental).
directory - radar/ Contains all filters having to do with radar data.
directory - raf/ Contains filters for dealing with NCAR Aviation Facility data.
directory - scripts/ Useful shell scripts, mostly for handling nws and mcidas data.
directory - sisal/ Interface to the SISAL language system.
directory - unidata/ NetCDF/Candis data format converters.
directory - utils/ Low level subroutine library for dealing with cdf files.