Type Size Name Notes
makefile 788B Makefile
text 780B README
988B cdf.globals
15kB cdf.if1
7kB cdf.sis This contains functions to define parts of a Candis record in Sisal representation
586B cdf.types
14kB cdffibre
C source code 4kB cdffibre.c Convert a Candis file to a Sisal cdf record in Fibre format.
68B cdfread.globals
10kB cdfread.if1
5kB cdfread.sis read a Candis file to a cdf record
69B cdfwrite.globals
7kB cdfwrite.if1
3kB cdfwrite.sis write a Candis file from a cdf record
89kB fibrecdf
C source code 633B junk.c