Type Size Name Notes
makefile 467B Makefile
text 584B READ_ME
C source code 4kB fzin.c accept input from rs232 port, send to a sequence of files
C source code 1kB fzout.c This program reads the buffer files created by fzin and pipes them sequentially to standard output. The buffer files are deleted when no longer needed.
C source code 3kB rtape.c Routine to read arbitrary tape on UNIX. The data are sent to the standard output.
text 29B system
C source code 2kB wtape.c Routine to write tape on Berkeley UNIX from rtape format. Data are taken from the standard input. The maximum allowable number of bytes per tape record is MAX. Set device argument according to mtio(4) in the Berkeley UNIX manual to get the proper tape density (/dev/rmt4 for 800 bpi, /dev/rmt12 for 1600 bpi.) and device.
C source code 3kB zin.c accept input from rs232 port, send to stdout