Type Size Name Notes
makefile 5kB Makefile
C source code 7kB cdfaltmap.c converts the 30 sec USAF terrain data to Candis format
C source code 7kB cdfbadcut.c reduces a particular dimension by taking as the dimension value the first or last value of a test field that is within the bad data value limits
C source code 6kB cdfcat.c concatenates selected variable slices together to make a single variable slice. Selection is made on the basis of a scalar field that increases monotonically through the input file. All variable fields have their dimension increased by one, with the name of the selection field becoming the name of the dimension. This dimension becomes the first dimension. The selection field thus becomes an index field for that dimension.
C source code 5kB cdfcatf.c concatenates the variable sections of any number of files onto a complete file. This only works if all variable slice formats are the same.
C source code 1kB cdfcomment.c Add a comment to a Candis file
C source code 3kB cdfdb.c converts the specified field to or from decibel representation
C source code 7kB cdfdefint.c computes a definite integral on the specified dimension of all fields with that dimension, leaving them with one fewer dimensions
C source code 4kB cdfderiv.c Take the derivative of a specified field with respect to a specified index field
C source code 6kB cdfentform.c compute fields needed for an entropy-p chart
C source code 8kB cdfentropy.c Compute Raymond and Blyth's entropy
C source code 7kB cdfextr.c extracts selected entrys from the parameter, static field, or variable field sections of a common data format file. Bigger than standard Candis headers can be read, but not written
C source code 4kB cdffibre.c Convert a Candis file to a Sisal cdf record in Fibre format.
C source code 4kB cdffill.c Fill in bad data gaps by linear interpolation.
C source code 6kB cdffilter.c Do low and high pass filtering on fields
C source code 4kB cdfgnuplot.c Create an ASCII file suitable for input to the Gnuplot plotting program.
C source code 5kB cdfgriv.c Reorganize 2-D grids into 1-D lists with 1-D coordinate locations.
C source code 11kB cdfhisto.c This program makes histograms.
C source code 5kB cdfinteg.c Take the integral of a specified field with respect to a specified index field.
C source code 8kB cdfinterp.c Interpolate on a dimension from irregular to regular intervals.
C source code 13kB cdfisocut.c examines the variable field testvar and looks for the value (testvalue) across the dimension given (dimname) and cuts the field at this place; this is done for every instance of that dimension Then similar fields are cut at the same location as the testvar was cut. The -t or -b flag means to start at top and go down (-t) or go from the bottom up (-b) in searching for testvalue. An extra variable field is added call dimname that contains the value of dimname at the point where it was cut from the testvar, thus the new field and testvar are the same size
C source code 629B cdfj.c convert julian day to gregorian time or vice versa
C source code 14kB cdfjday.c computes julian day for given year, month, day fields in either the variable or static slice, optionally beginning from a given reference date
C source code 20kB cdflagr.c Lagrangian trajectory calculator. Modified 30 Aug 89 so integration is done both forward and backward in time. This program is getting baroque.
C source code 2kB cdflook.c Print header and element counts of a common data format file from standard input in float format on the standard output.
C source code 19kB cdfmath.c executes general math functions on common data format files. The math expression is assumed to be in reverse Polish, with fields, operators, and constants.
C source code 10kB cdfmatlab.c This program is designed to read in a file from the cdf data and convert it to Matlab format so that it may be used in conjunction with other data. This program requires the variables to be 0 or 1 dimensional only. This program also creates a file called "cdfmatlab.log" that contains the names of all the variables found in the cdf file.
C source code 6kB cdfmean.c Take the means over the specified dimension of a specified list of variables.
C source code 5kB cdfmerge.c merges two or more cdf files into one
C source code 2kB cdfnull.c create a null candis file with specified dimensions
C source code 29kB cdfocut.c cdfocut -- Degenerate version of cdfrotate. Interpolates over a section of the x-prime axis only, reducing dimensionality of data. Optionally rotates one or more pairs of vector fields. This version has a different usage than cdfrotate, as it is intended to replace a previous faulty cdfocut utility.
C source code 9kB cdforder.c will rearange the order of the index fields and the order of the dimnames within the fields
C source code 1kB cdfparams.c Add an arbitrary number of parameters to a Candis file
C source code 16kB cdfpix.c convert between candis pixel and float formats
C source code 40kB cdfplot.c General plotting and graphing routine that accepts a common data format file on standard input and plots fields in each variable slice according to instructions in the command line argument list. Annotated by comment in header, command list, and zero dimensional fields in slice being treated.
C source code 6kB cdfpsel.c masks certain parcels based on conditions expressed in command line arguments on output of cdflagr
C source code 14kB cdfrdim.c
C source code 3kB cdfrlab.c convert a Candis file to rlab format
C source code 29kB cdfrotate.c cdfrotate -- Rotates data from a cdf file on a plane of two index fields x and y around a point in the plane by some angle theta, linearly interpolating data over a given rectangular domain in the rotated x-prime/y-prime plane. Optionally adjusts vector fields to match the new axes. Reduces dimensionality of data if either dimension in the rotated plane is of size 1.
C source code 6kB cdfsmooth.c This program applies a low pass filter to the named dimensions. The smoothing length is also specified on the command line for each dimension.
C source code 1kB cdfsplit.c writes the header and slices to separate files so that the header may be edited directly
C source code 8kB cdfsst.c To be used to collect Reynolds weekly sst data and make into a candis file with one week's data per variable slice. The data include a start date, end date, number of days (7) and an index. The temperature values are in a two dimensional variable called sst which depends on latitude and longitude.
C source code 591B cdft.c routine to convert seconds after midnight to hours, minutes, seconds, and vice versa
C source code 2kB cdftable.c create a Candis file from a table of numbers
C source code 10kB cdfthin.c Cdfthin accepts up to four dnames with a corresponing increment value. Cdfthin uses the increment value to calculate the domains to remove from the field.
C source code 6kB cdfthresh.c goes thru the slice and for similar fields (fields with the same number of elements) and checks the condition in the command line if met the data is sent; otherwise bad data is sent
C source code 4kB cdftrans.c This program translates Candis files from one format to another. This new version uses the slice readers and writers in auxio.c in the utils subdirectory.
C source code 2kB cdftsel.c This filter looks for the variable field named on the command line and selects all variable slices with the value of this variable between the starting and stopping "times" given by the user. If no such slices are encountered, an error halt is made.
C source code 4kB cdfua.c this program generates a cdf file of sounding data from an ascii file of a certain format
C source code 10kB cdfuaplot.c This program plots upper air sounding data, with temperature and dewpoint on a skew t log p chart and the winds in u-v component form. An optional flag makes program accept mixing ratio instead of dewpoint.
C source code 9kB cdfuncat.c cdf program to split some named index field so that each instance corresponds to one slice in the un catted file. Several restrictions apply to the file and field to be split: first the file must have only one slice, the field must be present, and preferably the field will occour in all variable fields ( if not variable fields not depending on that field will be moved into the static slice ).
C source code 3kB cdfuniq.c cdfuniq looks at every variable field that is not a scalar and checks to see if all the data is the same. If they are the same then change the field to a scalar containing that value
C source code 3kB cdfvlim.c removes unreasonable data values from any common data format file and replaces them with the "bad" data
C source code 13kB cdfwindow.c cuts out one or more dimension segments
C source code 767B jtime2.c convert from year-month-day to julian day (derived from NSSDC CDF Implementer's Guide, Version 1 by Michael L. Gough)
63kB land_sea_mask.dat
C source code 2kB pscale.c this routine just jackets the standard pgraf routine scale the arguments given are the same as for scale with the addition of the additional final argument (the pointer to the # of tics) and the difference that coarse (now of type int) represents the % that the top value may be greater than the true maximum in order that the axes are set to a more convenient number.
C source code 340B shortswap.c switch order of bytes in shorts
29B system
C source code 3kB thermo.c This is a thermodynamics package that tries to be as accurate as warranted by real atmospheric data for all realistic conditions.
C source code 1kB thermo.h declarations for thermodynamics package