Index of man3 Pages

Type Size Name Notes
HTML document 18kB cdf.3.html gethdr, getelcnt, getslice, gislice, gaslice, puthdr, putslice, pislice, paslice, nullhdr, copycmt, copypar, copyfld, addcline, addpar, addfld, getcmt, getpar, seekpar, getfld, seekfld, getfmt, elemcnt, getilist, getbuff, getptr, getptr2, subspace1, floatswap: C language routines to read, write, and modify common data format files.
HTML document 8kB dispimage.3.html setupdisp, getcolors, sendimage, drawline, drawtext, fillpoly, dispimage, mousepos: Routines to display an image plus text and graphics on an X11 display
HTML document 13kB pgraf.3.html gopen, gclear, window, windowno, badset, axes, axesnox, axesnoy, axesnoxy, label, line, mark, fill, fill2, conto, conto2, vector, vector2, grid, grid2, pview, pline, plabel, paxes, pconto, psurface, gpause, gclose, scale, dcon, vscale: C routines to generate pgraf metacode.
HTML document 12kB pimage.3.html setupdisp, getcolors, sendimage, dispimage, drawline, drawtext, mousepos, mouseclicked, fillpoly, drawbutton, newbutton, buttonhit, killbutton, erasebutton, dialoguebox, setbackground, fg, bg, drawcircle, fillcircle, drawpoint, fillrectangle, clearscreen: C language routines to easily manipulate X11 graphics.
HTML document 12kB quickcandis.3.html candiscreate, candiscomment, candisparam, candisdim, candisidim, candisfld, dcandisfld, candiswrite, candisread, candiscinfo, candispinfo, candisdinfo, candisfinfo, candiscget, candispnameget, candispvalget, candisdnameget, candisdsizeget, candisdvalsget, candisfnameget, candisfsizeget, candisfndimget, candisfdimsget, candisfvalsget: High level routines to read and write a one-variable-slice Candis file
HTML document 7kB sisalcdf.3.html cdfcreate, cdfcomment, cdfparam, cdfdim, cdfidim, cdffld, cdfgetpar, cdfgetdim, cdfgetddata, cdfgetfld, cdfgetfdata, cdfread, cdfwrite - SISAL routines to read, interpret, construct, and write a cdf record