Contributed General Candis Programs

Type Size Name Notes
makefile 4kB Makefile
C source code 3kB cdfaddf.c to get a variable that increase increase monotonically through the input file and then be ables to apply cdfcat in order to get graphs of the fields
C source code 8kB cdfcat_exp.c concatenates selected variable slices together to make a single variable slice
C source code 6kB cdfcatf_exp.c concatenates the variable sections of any number of files onto a complete file
C source code 1kB cdfcomment.c add comments to a Candis file
C source code 8kB cdfdefint_exp.c compute a definite integral on the specified dimension of all fields with that dimension, leaving them with one fewer dimensions
C source code 8kB cdfentropy_o.c compute Raymond and Blyth's entropy
C source code 7kB cdffill_exp.c fill in bad data gaps by linear interpolation
C source code 7kB cdffmean.c
C source code 4kB cdffwbad_x.c fill with bad data after finding the first one along the given dimension
C source code 5kB cdfgetime.c
C source code 5kB cdfgetslice.c output only the variable slices specified in the command line
C source code 626B cdfheader.c print Candis header from standard input on the standard output
C source code 7kB cdfint.c modification to cdfmean so that, instead of taking the mean value of a vector, the integral of the mentioned field is calculated
C source code 6kB cdfinteg_exp.c take the integral of a specified field with respect to a specified index field
C source code 21kB cdfmath_exp.c general math functions for Candis files
C source code 7kB cdfmax.c calculate the maximun along an specified dimension for the variables mentioned on the command line
C source code 7kB cdfmin.c calculate the minimun along an specified dimension for the variables mentioned on the command line
C source code 6kB cdfmono.c check that the SCALAR variable mentioned on the command line is monotonically increasing with the slice number
C source code 31kB cdfms.c
C source code 9kB cdfmtv.c generate files to plot variables using plotMTV
C source code 2kB cdfnslice.c expects a Candis file on the standard input, and reports the number of slices on the standard output
C source code 43kB cdfplot_exp.c general plotting and graphing routine that accepts a Candis file on standard input and plots fields in each variable slice according to instructions in the command line argument list
Troff manpage 3kB cdfqs3.1
C source code 15kB cdfqs3.c converts level 3 QuikSCAT HDF files into Candis (needs version 4 of the HDF library)
C source code 10kB cdfregrid.c this is a modification to cdfinterp.c that aims at regriding data were taken on a regular grid but for some reason some measurements are missing
C source code 5kB cdfreord.c revert the order of the variable slices
C source code 6kB cdfsd.c compute the standard deviation
C source code 9kB cdfsilo.c generate silo files to plot variables using MeshTV
C source code 5kB cdfskipi.c skip variable slices were a variable has values in a given closed interval
Troff manpage 2kB cdfssmi.1
C source code 8kB cdfssmi.c converts SSM/I files into Candis
C source code 8kB ctrap_rg.c composite-trapaziode rule for regular grids
C source code 14kB pgc_exp.c A copy of the original program candis/pgraf/metagens/pgc.c It is keept here so cdfplot_exp can be compiled. It was renamed as pgc-exp so it could be modified if required.