This dataset has quikscat surface winds for 2005.

Files are in candis format with file names
quik.${year}.${jday}(a or d)
a for the ascending satellite path and d for the descending satellite path

They were converted to candis using the command

There is one file per day with the following variables and dimensions

spd lon 1440 lat 720 (wind speed)
u lon 1440 lat 720 (u wind component)
v lon 1440 lat 720 (v wind component)
spd2 lon 1440 lat 720 (wind speed squared)
flag lon 1440 lat 720 (rain_contaminated or not)
prob lon 1440 lat 720 (rain_probability)


Type Size Name Notes
directory - 2005/ year 2005 data
text 586B quiks.txt text file of the description