This dropsonde data come from ftp://ftp.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/pub/feuer/dropsonde/HURR05/raw/ . These files came tarred and gzipped, and had names like yyyymmdda.avp.tar.gz (where yyyy is the year, mm the month, dd the day, and a the code for the aircraft).

Unpacking those files produced files with names like g*.avp. The g*.avp files were processed with Aspen. Both the raw and the QC output from Aspen was saved in three formats: comma separated values (.csv), CLASS format (.cls), and netCDF format (.nc). The raw output files had the same base name as the corresponding g*.avp file, except with "RAW" added to the end. The QC files had the same base name as the corresponding g*.avp file except with a "QC" added.

Then the netCDF QC files (g*QC.nc) were processed by the script dropcandis.sh to converts them to Candis, fix bad data, and calculates thetae and thetaes and mean latitude and longitude. The new Candis files were given names like g*QC.cdf


Type Size Name Notes
directory - 20050525n/
directory - 20050609n/
directory - 20050610i/
directory - 20050610n/
directory - 20050629h/
directory - 20050703h/
directory - 20050703i/
directory - 20050704n/
directory - 20050705h/
directory - 20050705i/
directory - 20050706i/
directory - 20050706n/
directory - 20050707n/
directory - 20050708h/
directory - 20050708n/
directory - 20050709h/
directory - 20050709i/
directory - 20050709n/
directory - 20050710h/
directory - 20050710i/
directory - 20050714h/
directory - 20050715h/
directory - 20050715i/
directory - 20050716h/
directory - 20050716i/
directory - 20050716n/
directory - 20050717n/
directory - 20050718n1/
directory - 20050718n2/
directory - 20050722n/
directory - 20050723h/
directory - 20050723i/
directory - 20050723n/
directory - 20050724i1/
directory - 20050724i2/
directory - 20050807n/
directory - 20050808n/
directory - 20050812i/
directory - 20050812n/
directory - 20050813n/
directory - 20050817i/
directory - 20050824n/
directory - 20050825i/
directory - 20050825n/
directory - 20050826n/
directory - 20050827i/
directory - 20050827n/
directory - 20050828i/
directory - 20050828n1/
directory - 20050828n2/
directory - 20050829i/
directory - 20050907h/
directory - 20050907i/
directory - 20050908i/
directory - 20050908n/
directory - 20050909h/
directory - 20050909i/
directory - 20050909n/
directory - 20050910n/
directory - 20050911h/
directory - 20050911n/
directory - 20050912h/
directory - 20050912n/
directory - 20050913n/
directory - 20050914n/
directory - 20050916h/
directory - 20050917h/
shell script 3kB dropcandis.sh