GOES Infrared


Infrared measurements taken by GOES satellite near EPIC from August 16 to October 31 of 2001. These image were converted to Candis format in the shell script cdtocdf.sh, which uses the mctranspng command. This gave the files unique names of the form:
The meanings of the fields are as follows:

indicates that this is a satellite image
number of satellite
type of image; 1 for visible, 80 or 8 for infrared, 200 or 4 for water vapor (GOES and GVAR)
four digit year
day of year
hour, minute
GMT time
xcoor, ycoor
coordinates of upper left corner of image
xres, yres
x and y resolution of image

Then the images were reduced and mapped to a latitude longitude grid in the shell script latlon.sh using the mcmap command. This new grid was bounded by 110-80W and 0-20N, and has points every quarter (0.25) of a degree.
[Coastline of this region.]

Finally, the Candis files were gzipped.


Type Size Name Notes
directory - aug-b/ August 16 - 31
shell script 121B cdtocdf.sh converts images to Candis format; uses the mctranspng command
shell script 101B latlon.sh reduces and maps images in Candis files created by cdtocdf.sh to a latitude longitude grid; uses the mcmap command
directory - oct-a/ October 1 - 15
directory - oct-b/ October 16 - 31
PNG image 4kB region.png the above image of the region
directory - sep-a/ September 1 - 15
directory - sep-b/ September 16 - 30