Justo Sierra Radiosondes


Concerning some radiosondes that were released in July of 2001 in the Caribbean from on board the Justo Sierra. The first few radiosondes released did not take wind data. 0107????gmt.txt are the original text files of the radiosonde data. They appear to be named after the average hour for the radiosonde. The first 2 numbers are for the year, the second 2 for the month, the third 2 for the day, and the last 2 for the GMT hour. So, for example, by opening 01071200gmt.txt we see that it was released on July 11, 2001 at 23:27 GMT and spent over 84 minutes in the air. So, its average hour corresponds to 00:00 GMT on July 12, 2001.


Type Size Name Notes
text 291kB 01070718gmt.txt no wind data
text 79kB 01070812gmt.txt no wind data
text 259kB 01070900gmt.txt no wind data
text 232kB 01070912gmt.txt no wind data
text 299kB 01071000gmt.txt no wind data
text 35kB 01071118gmt.txt
text 36kB 01071200gmt.txt
text 38kB 01071212gmt.txt
text 46kB 01071300gmt.txt
text 43kB 01071312gmt.txt
text 46kB 01071400gmt.txt
text 34kB 01071412gmt.txt
text 46kB 01071500gmt.txt
text 49kB 01071512gmt.txt
text 47kB 01071600gmt.txt
text 41kB 01071612gmt.txt
text 37kB 01071700gmt.txt
text 41kB 01071712gmt.txt
text 40kB 01071800gmt.txt
text 50kB 01071812gmt.txt
text 40kB 01071900gmt.txt
text 39kB 01071912gmt.txt
text 49kB 01072000gmt.txt
text 48kB 01072012gmt.txt
text 43kB 01072100gmt.txt
text 37kB 01072112gmt.txt
text 50kB 01072200gmt.txt
text 45kB 01072212gmt.txt
text 39kB 01072300gmt.txt
text 38kB 01072312gmt.txt
text 41kB 01072400gmt.txt
text 40kB 01072412gmt.txt
text 46kB 01072500gmt.txt
text 755B HOWTOREAD.txt Came with the other text files to explain their format.